I Won The Ultimate HVAC Package

Despite never winning anything in my life, I still found myself at the local hardware store dropping my name into a bin for their annual HVAC giveaway.

  • The giveaway was massive, which is why I decided that it was better to enter my name rather than not try at all.

The hardware store always did this giveaway right before the summer season when everyone was most interested in winning. They were giving away a state of the art, energy efficient air conditioner, air purification system, smart thermostat, along with free installation. It was the ultimate package, especially if you needed a brand new air conditioner like I did. I was shocked when I received a phone call telling me that they’d selected my name and I was the winner! I thought it was a scam at first. When the HVAC professionals arrived at my house at the end of the week to install everything for me, I felt like I was dreaming. The HVAC professionals asked me a few questions about my current air conditioning system and then set out to install everything for me. I sat back and watched as they moved about and did everything for me. They had the air conditioner, air purifier, and smart thermostat installed and running by the end of the day and they showed me how to use everything before they left. When I received my first utility bill, I couldn’t believe how much lower it was after the upgrade. Sometimes, it pays to upgrade your HVAC equipment, or in my case, you can win it!

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