I wonder about the cleaning

I totally regret moving in with my girlfriend Fiona. Fiona and I have been dating for a year and it seemed like time. Well, now I think it is time for her to leave. She has one habit that is driving me crazy. My girlfriend will frequently make huge decisions about the house without consulting me. Frequently I will come home to something new or changed that really affects me. One day it was the bedroom being a new color. Another day the TV was exchanged for a projector. The most recent one is still a huge fight between us. We had this huge central HVAC unit in our house. The HVAC hooked to ductwork that spanned the whole house. Every room got equal amounts of heating and cooling. It worked super well and I loved it. The HVAC system made a little noise too. I liked that I could hear the constant hum of the HVAC rather than animals outside, people talking or my girlfriend making noises. It was soothing to me. I came home a week ago to my amazing HVAC unit gone. Fiona called a HVAC business and is replacing the unit with ductless HVAC. The ductwork is sealed up and the HVAC unit was ripped out. Right now we have no HVAC since the business could not get us in right away. I don’t want ductless HVAC for a reason. I miss my old unit and I hate going without climate control. The ductless HVAC unit was an expensive that we did not need at all.

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