I wonder how that works

There is nothing better than when fall finally arrives.  After a long hot summer and having nothing but the air conditioning running all of the time, I was ready for fall.  It doesn’t last very long in our area, but those few weeks are a blessing. I can open my windows and sleep with fresh cool air blowing over me.  I can suddenly breathe and I feel as if my mind and body are being rejuvenated. I know that all too soon, our furnace is going to need to be used.  Then I will once again, be at the mercy of our HVAC system. I don’t know what it is about using the HVAC that bothers me the most. Maybe it is the sound of the motor running.  Maybe it is just that I don’t feel the air quality is very good. Whatever it is, I know that I prefer fall of all of the seasons. I used to like spring, but now I quickly get tired of hearing the woodpeckers and the birds that awaken me in the morning.  I was talking to my mother and I asked her if I had always been this way. She said she didn’t remember any idiosyncrasies, when I was growing up. She told me that there may be a problem with my HVAC system. I may need to get my ductwork cleaned and sanitized.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the open windows, but I may not mind the HVAC as much. I guess it is worth a try to have it cleaned.

cooling unit