I wonder what is happening

I’m not sure how long it has been since I had a good  night’s rest. Last night, I fell asleep quickly and I slept quite soundly.  We finally have some fall air coming our way. Where we live, the fall doesn’t last very long.  Summer ends, we have about a month of beautifully cool air and then winter starts. During that month, we open our windows and enjoy the clean, crisp air.  I sleep my best during those couple of weeks. The sound of the air conditioning isn’t keeping me awake at night. The sound of the furnace won’t be heard for a couple more weeks.  I am doing all I can to take advantage of the fresh air. I don’t think the air conditioning or the heating is conducive to having fresh air, or sleeping well. I can’t imagine anyone actually sleeping well when either the air conditioning or the heating is running.  Maybe I am an odd person. I wait for the spring and the fall, so I can sleep well. Maybe that is my hibernation time, I don’t know. I’m thinking that maybe something is missing from my HVAC that makes me so uncomfortable during those times. I just can’t breathe right, I feel achy all over, and I can’t sleep.  If somebody has some suggestions as to what I am doing wrong please tell me. Till then, I will get my best rest when I can open the windows and get fresh air coming through my windows, and I don’t have the noise of the HVAC.