I work at the coffee shop on the corner sometimes

Sometimes, I work at the coffee shop on the corner.

I like going there with my laptop on slow weekday mornings whenever there aren’t very many people inside.

I don’t like going planes when they are too awfully crowded, and so generally I try to go places whenever they aren’t all that busy. For some reason, the coffee shop seems to be that way on weekday mornings. I especially love going there on cold winter mornings whenever the weather starts cooling off outside. The reason that I like it there during the winter is because of the fact that they have the nicest little gas fireplace in the eating area. I love to sit right by the gas fireplace while I eat my bagels and drink my coffee in the mornings. It’s nice to sit by the fireplace because even though the weather outside might be cold and cloudy, the fireplace makes it feel nice and warm and toasty inside. I am always a huge fan of fireplaces, no matter what time of the year it is. In the summertime, I still like the feel of a fireplace and the way it makes the ambiance of the house feel. I really think that I should probably get a fireplace installed in my house, but having an aftermarket fireplace installed is really going to be expensive and I don’t have any money saved up for any HVAC repairs at this moment. I don’t know if I should just try and go to the coffee shop more often or if I should really look into installing my own fireplace at this point.

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