I work at the local HVAC business

I’ve been working in too many stressful offices for too many years.

Now I just want to have a nice job without all the stress to pay my bills and just enjoy life more.

I don’t get the purpose of working all these hours to have more than you need for happiness, it just doesn’t add up. I don’t have children or a house so my energy costs are legitimately low and I don’t need to earn so much to survive. I wanted to find a job that would let me work with other people without all the stress. This heating company near me was hiring for a heating and cooling maintenance repairman so I decided to apply for the job, and I got it. The money is not the best however like I said my bills are so low that any amount of cash will pretty much cover my expenses. They mainly want me to maintain air conditioners and furnaces and clean the ductwork in customer’s houses which is great for me. I get to be free from the office desk all day and meet new people, each day is never the same. I like doing heating tune ups and heating repair jobs each week on my own terms and at my own pace. I even met an attractive lady who I am engaged to now so the job got even sweeter. She wants to be involved in the heating company as a secretary so both of us will get to work together now and then when I come to the office.

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