I work hard on it

Because I live in the south, I have a few tricks up my sleeve as far as cooling systems are concerned. I have central heating and cooling, as do most people in my neck of the woods. Because we don’t really have a need for giant furnaces or boilers here in the south, we have the luxury of having central a/c, which is very simple to use. All we have to do is switch the button on the thermostat over to the heater side when it gets cold. It could not be simpler. But, all that using the a/c costs a lot of money, so I try to help myself cut down on cooling costs by using some tricks. One trick is to always have ceiling fans. Ceiling fans use energy, too, of course, so I recently decided I was going to go out and buy all new ceiling fans. The old ceiling fans were getting kind of noisy and my electric bill was increasing for no reason I could tell, and I just thought it was time to get newer, more efficient fans to help the a/c work less hard. I went to the home improvement store, and boy was I surprised by the lighting and ceiling fan section. There were so many ceiling fans to choose from, and they ranged in price from budget to over the top extravagant. I decided that I wanted to research a few ceiling fans that appealed to me and see what their air flow rates were in order to make my decision. I finally decided and I am so happy with my new ceiling fans and my a/c thermostat is set higher.