I worked a hard day

My acquaintance Garrett and I are certainly two broke university guys! It is crazy how far both of us go on so little, and we got a  sweet deal renting a lake house right by the university. The bills are inexpensive enough that we can afford meals as well as university payments every year. But, the two of us make so little money that there is not much left over, and the lake house also has to be fixed by us. If something isn’t working, we are the guys that need to repair it. At the moment both of us are going without any form of heating. In the south, no heating is okay, but not great. Sometimes the chilly weather drops quite low as well as it gets chilly in the house.  Garrett and I truly do need some form of heating to be comfortable, but the lake house gas furnace method is not cheap. Getting the gas furnace maintained will ruin our budget. Should both of us go without food, wine or fuel for our cars? We don’t want to give up anything. Garrett and I are trying to make it with two ancient space heaters that classmates have lent to us. Garrett and I have one area furnace in the powder room by the piping, our southern state doesn’t get that cold, but it’s better to be safe than sad. The last thing we want is for our pipes to get frozen. The other space heater is in a living room, for warmth, we are sharing a room so that our body heat plus the heater will keep us warm, it is not terrible. The rest of the lake house is unbearable, but the cold season does not last forever where both of us are! Pretty great idea right?

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