I worked at a Barnes plus Noble during the Winter time once with no indoor heat

I worked a variety of jobs while in high university.

My first exposure to the workforce was washing dishes in a kitchen at a big retirement facility.

We handled the food for several kitchens. One kitchen was for the residents in the nursing lake house building while the other kitchen for the residents in the independent residing apartments in a weird building. It was hard work, especially since our bosses consistently understaffed us on holidays when it was the busiest. I don’t think how I didn’t crack mentally under the pressure they put me under at that age, but I believe I was just resilient. My next job wasn’t any better, despite what a single might initially assume. It’s easy to expect a job at a Barnes plus Noble to be easy, with boredom being the only disadvantage. But our job at the local Barnes plus Noble was brutal. I was stacking books for hours everyday plus I never heard anything but scorn from our employers. The worst part was the Barnes plus Noble’s inconsistent heating plus cooling system. During the summer time the cooling system would go on plus off at random moments, causing all of us to sweat on books while we were putting them back on shelves. The worst part was the Winter time when I had to labor with heat inside the Barnes plus Noble. The furnace died during the hour month of December plus the management never bothered to upgrade it. We had to wear heavy clothing to labor everyday plus we were still shivering for our entire shifts. I quit in February after I couldn’t take it any longer.


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