I worked in a taco truck once, with the A/C system cranked up

I have a buddy who drives a taco trunk around to all the big businesses.

The lunch hours are always his biggest business opportunities and he’s always looking for business.

There was actually this one time when he invited me to come along with him to make tacos for the people. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I even mentioned that there might not be enough air conditioning for me. He laughed and said that he hooked his taco truck up with a really powerful climate control system. He said his A/C in his working area is ice-cold, even on the hottest of days. I wasn’t sure if I really believed him because the truck has an open window and the A/C would easily just flow right out from the truck. When I finally decided to go with him though, he was right, the A/C was on point. It was very powerful air conditioning and he had fans working to keep the A/C in as best as he could. It was a really hot day and that A/C kept us easily cool while we were making tacos. When we were done, he asked if I would like to work with him full time, maybe as a business partner even. While the opportunity sounded nice, I wasn’t sure if that kind of work would suit me. Obviously, the A/C wasn’t really a problem, but I didn’t like the idea of making tacos all day and then smelling like tacos when I got home from work.


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