I’d like to get a furnace

Almost five years ago I bought a brand new furnace. I was very tight on money so I bought a very inexpensive unit without any extra features.  The installer who handled the upgrade project advised that I should enroll in a maintenance repair plan. I found this an unnecessary expense to spend money to service for a heating unit that was brand new and was running perfectly.   Plus, the gas furnace only runs for about twenty weeks out of the year. I am unbelievably attentive about replacing the air filters every week, so I figured that would be sufficient. Last winter, I noticed the heating unit running for much longer cycles at a time and that it didn’t seem to be producing as much air; not to mention the home was rather freezing on especially freezing nights.  I kept turning the thermostat up higher, which led to higher energy bills. The air blowing from the vents was quite dusty and I was forced to clean more often than usual – I absolutely should have called for professional repair. Instead, I simply ignored the problems with the gas furnace. Now, because I purchased such a cheap model, it didn’t include advanced safety features on it. Apparently, during the summer when the gas furnace sits idle, dust builds up within the units inner workings.  The dust restricts airflow and causes excessive wear and tear on the moving parts. Eventually, the gas furnace overheated, and thus, a crack in the heat exchanger appeared. The cost to replace the heat exchanger is equivalent to the price of a whole new gas furnace. I ended up taking out a loan and just replacing the gas furnace. I have now enrolled in a professional maintenance plan to ensure the unit continues to run safely and reliably.

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