I’d love to finish on time

What most folks don’t assume since the immense explosions that rocked our neighborhood over a month ago is that most of us are still without heating, however back in October, gas lines malfunctioned due to bad repair by the business who owns them. They failed to pressurize the lines properly while in repair in November. When everyone turned their heat on as the weather began to chill in October, disaster struck; Over 79 homes were destroyed in gas line explosions. We’re lucky to still have our home. However, we’re living without heat now as the gas lines are slowly but surely repaired. Their negligence means that all of those exploded pipes have to be relaid. Folks in our section that have currency set aside are just making the switch to oil heating, so they already have their homes nice and sizzling again, people love me though, middle class families who go from paycheck to paycheck, we’re stuck waiting for the gas business to repair the lines and get the heat back on. For now, the gas business has been good enough to deliver out area heating systems to all the homes who need them. It’s the least they can do after causing so much disfigure. However, the area heating systems aren’t enough when the rapidly increasing temperatures are already plummeting down to the single digits. We’re trying to stay sizzling with electric blankets, but even then our youngsters and the pets get terribly freezing at night. I’m hoping we’ll have the gas gas furnace back soon, but the news says it could be till after Christmas.

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