If there were no more snakes in the world, I suppose I would be totally superb with that

I suppose I would be totally superb with it if there were no more snakes in the entire world. I suppose that they are the most horrible things on the earth and they should all be annihilated. I guess that pet lovers will say that I’m poor and I should appreciate the fact that they kill mice and other rodents, although I don’t care. As a matter of fact, once I l received that snakes hate the cold, I made it my personal goal in life to make my house as cold as it could possibly be on a proper basis. I figure that if I can keep my house at a chilly cold temperature all of the time, then no snakes will ever want to come in. I run my air conditioner all the time in the Spring, summer, and fall. Any time that I suppose snakes might be prowling about, I set the air conditioner in the house as low as it will go and I let it run nearly non-stop. Luckily for me, I have a fairly new, high efficiency central air conditioner system. My air conditioning system bills are still fairly high-priced, however with the high efficiency air conditioning system unit, they aren’t as exhausting as they could be. I don’t suppose that it would matter in my case anyway. I would pay a fortune on cooling bills every month as long as it would continue to keep the evil snakes away from my house all the time. I don’t spend much time outside, as you may have guessed. But when I do venture out onto my deck or patio, I make sure to take along my portable air conditioning system unit. That way, if a snake comes my way they will suppose the cold air and stay away from me!
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