If you can’t take the heat, upgrade the cooling system!

You ever heard the saying, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Well, that saying came to mind the other day when I was working in the kitchen at my place of work. I work at this restaurant where we have always had issues with the cooling system in that particular area. The dining floor is always perfectly cooled, but we never have enough cooling relief in the kitchen area. This one guy who was trying to work was looking really pale and we kept asking him if he was alright. I figured that he couldn’t handle the heat and I recommended he go to an area where he could feel the air conditioning. He said that he would be alright though and he carried on. He should have gotten a cold drink or something and a little later he ended up falling to the floor when he had a bunch of plates in his hands. The plates went crashing to the floor and he was passed out. We had to call the ambulance to have him taken to the hospital. When the EMTs got there, they said the kitchen was way too overheated and the owner had to do something about that because it was entirely unsafe. We all agreed that we needed some proper A/C in there. So the owner had an HVAC crew come in and install HVAC zone control. This way we were able to crank up the A/C in the kitchen area so that we were no longer overheated.

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