If you need someone to home sit, don’t lock your temperature control!

Let me tell you something: last month, I made a huge mistake when I agreed to help our neighbor by home sitting during their out of town trip. See, this person is awesome – I’d do anything for this neighbor of mine, and I love them dearly! Still, he is definitely among my best friends on this Earth. I consider him to be like a brother to me! Spending time at his place is a common thing for me anyway, so it seemed as though staying over for a month to ensure nothing went wrong was a fair and fine thing for me to do. Well, the problem with this is his very, very aggravating roommate. When he heard that he was having someone stay at the place for a while when my friend was out of town, the guy got legitimately mad and started harping about the energy expenditure in their home! He’s an extremely stingy guy. He didn’t want to pay anything extra on the energy bill while I was in the house, and so the guy turned a lock on in the smart temperature control device in their home. By setting the thermostat to ECO mode, the cooling system only engaged when the home was above 85 degrees! I arrived at their place to find that it was a literal oven in there. When my buddy found out about the lock on the thermostat, he lost his cool with the roommate very, very quickly! I can’t say I blame him. Who does that when they know someone is house sitting for them?

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