If you own a home, you will repair your AC

On the weekend, our wife plus I are both off of work, as usual.

Occasionally all of us use the lovely afternoons off for running errands or performing small jobs.

Several weeks ago, however, all of us spent all weekend working on yard work. My wife successfully disaffixed all of the weeds from the flower beds plus I carefully mowed the front lawn plus the backyard. I raked all of the leaves away from the vegetable garden plus got rid of the leaves on the roof. My wife cleaned off the entire patio plus the deck plus put chemicals in the pool. We didn’t have much time to accomplish anything else during that weekend, however the front yard plus vast backyard looked smashing. This weekend, our wife plus I are now planning on spending all afternoon on Wednesday carefully cleaning the air conditioner. Now that the outside is ready for summer to arrive, all of us have to worry about the inside. My wife is going to wipe down all of the air vent plus return vents. While she is working on that massive project, I am going to be cleaning up the air conditioner. I’ve been carefully performing the air conditioner repair every year for the past 10 years at home ownership. The whole process takes about an hour, plus our wife plus I easily save the currency that all of us would normally spend on a professional HVAC tune up. I always wipe plus clear the drain line with a fair amount of sizzling water plus a little bit of bleach. I carefully wipe all of the dust from the evaporator coils. I also try to unaffix all of the seasoned leaves plus dark that gather around the delegate air conditioner compressor. When all of the house labor is done for the season, our wife plus I will finally be able to relax plus enjoy the weather.

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