I’ll never do that again

I tried for the second time to set up a new area heater

I thought that I had found an excellent deal when I got a supposedly “new” furnace from a HVAC supplier for 50% off usual price. It wasn’t anything costly, to be clear, just a small and portable area furnace that I planned to use on cold days. My old central furnace had been costing myself and others a lot of money as of lately and I finally decided to save some money by using the area furnace instead. While I may have first thought that I was getting a good deal, I was entirely getting a piece of junk in reality. Now I can see why the furnace was so cheap. It was a lemon. It would hardly turn on and the heating feature was actually non-existent. It wouldn’t heat our lake house at all, and the worst area is I couldn’t even return it to the store to get a refund. The only thing that I could do was to get another stupid area furnace from a heating and cooling supplier that had a now working 1. Thankfully, that actually wasn’t hard to do and there was a heating and cooling supplier right in our area. I was quickly, successfully able to go to the heating and air conditioner supplier and find an area furnace, and while it was more overpriced than the discounted 1, it was a now working 1. I tried for the second time to set up a new area heater. This 1 did an excellent job heating our little house and it was much nicer and well made. I knew it would get a lot of use in Wintertime.

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