I’m a big time antique collector

I wouldn’t really call myself a hoarder or anything extreme appreciate that, although I do appreciate to collect a lot of old stuff, and i’d refer to it as antique collecting.

I don’t appreciate to just get any old stuff either, I mostly appreciate to option up old window units and furnace systems; Anything that is Heating and A/C I appreciate to collect because the parts happen to be upscale.

Sometimes people appreciate to get the whole Heating and A/C equipment for a good price however honestly, I make more cash just selling the parts. I sell all kinds of other old items appreciate old coins, comics, lamps, and pieces of furniture. I have my things pretty well organized as well. I try not to give the neighbors anything to complain about and I sell things relatively fast as well. It’s not exactly my main job, however it makes an excellent side gig that makes myself and others a good amount of profit; One of these mornings, I want to beginning doing the antique thing full time with my own store and a warehouse to store all of my antiques. I have heard criticism from some people saying that I’m nothing however a hoarder, although I pay people appreciate that no mind, but people that have a good eye just appreciate myself and others are able to see that the stuff I have is really worth a good amount of cash. People who are into hoarding carry anything that is of romantic value to them, however those things aren’t really worth anything to anybody else. That’s 1 of the main differences, that I think what’s worth the cash and what’s not.
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