I’m a teacher, but I want to teach physical training

I spent a lot of money on an education.

I wanted so much to be a teacher and I went so far in debt.

I had to get my bachelor’s degree and then my master. I also had to lay out some cash so I could get my certification for teaching. I was halfway through my first class when I realized I had made a mistake. Teaching to a bunch of kids was not what I wanted to do with my life. I had worked in my father’s gym for years. I taught the karate class and I helped with the advanced yoga classes. I enjoyed what I was doing and why I chose to be a teacher, must have concocted in a nightmare. My father told me I had to fulfill my obligation to the first year and then he would hire me back. I dreaded every moment that I had to be in that class, but I was told I was a good teacher. When the end of the school year arrived, I told them I would not return the following year. I wanted to follow my heart and be a physical trainer. My father took me on at hs gym and I started teaching advanced yoga, karate, and I was learning to be a personal trainer. I am finally happy where I am and it only took me seven years of my life to know what it was. I am doing my first class as a personal trainer this week. I can’t understand why I am so happy about it.

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