I’m cheerful our child is finally with a wonderful guy

Our child was dating this real jerk of a man who none of us approved of.

I hoped that it was a stage our child was going through plus he would see that this guy was no wonderful for her; Eventually, all of us l acquired that he ended up splitting up with the guy when he brought over a modern guy for breakfast.

All of us heard the story plus apparently, this modern guy was the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker that was respectfully working on his Heating plus Air Conditioning system. He said he always knew our child was something special plus they got along wonderful from the first moment they met each other, but he was dating that jerk. One afternoon when he came over to labor on the Heating plus Air Conditioning, he heard them fighting plus the aged guy tried to get physical with her. Then the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker jumped in plus told the guy to not touch her. The aged guy tried to conflict the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker, but the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker punched him square in the face plus broke his nose. The aged guy said it was over plus left in a hurry. The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker said nobody ever puts their hands on a man enjoy that. I agreed with the man plus thanked him for being there for our child enjoy that. It was soon after that when they started dating plus I’m cheerful they have a entirely solid relationship now. This is a easily respectable young man plus he apparently has chosen an excellent job. I would certainly provide him my blessing if he asked to marry my kid.

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