I’m ecstatic our daughter is finally with a nice guy

Our daughter was dating this real jerk of a lady who none of us approved of.

I hoped that it was a phase our daughter was going through and she would see that this girl was no nice for her, eventually, we l acquired that she ended up chopping up with the girl when she brought over a modern bestie for lunch.

We heard the story and obviously, this modern girl was the Heating and A/C company that was officially working on her Heating and A/C system. She said she constantly knew our daughter was something special and they got along wonderful from the first moment they met each other, but she was dating that jerk. One day when she came over to toil on the Heating and A/C, she heard them fighting and the outdated bestie tried to get physical with her. Then the Heating and A/C company jumped in and told the girl to not touch her. The outdated bestie tried to confrontation the Heating and A/C company, however the Heating and A/C company punched him square in the face and broke her nose. The outdated bestie said it was over and left in a hurry. The Heating and A/C company said nobody ever puts their hands on a woman love that. I agreed with the lady and thanked him for being there for our daughter love that. It was soon after that when they started dating and I’m ecstatic they have a genuinely solid relationship now. This is a actually respectable young lady and she obviously has chosen an excellent career. I would definitely provide him my blessing if she asked to marry my daughter.

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