I’m following a popular nutritional program to finally lose weight

For too many years of my life I have struggled with being fat and overweight.

I know some people don’t like that terminology, but I own it.

I have a right to criticize myself as long as I don’t levy that criticism towards others. But I was not content being fat, regardless of the delusional thinking and mental gymnastics of “body positive.” Everyone should learn to love beauty that isn’t necessarily driven by existing norms or social expectations, but that doesn’t preclude encouraging self-improvement. The worst thing you can do is tell someone there is no need to, despite how deadly obesity has been for the countless people over the years who die from heart attacks before they even reach 40. Or you have people younger than that struggling with type two diabetes for the same reasons. I hope that we can move past body shaming without giving up the encouragement for every person to seek self-improvement, especially if it’s regarding bad personality traits that can be tempered and changed. Right now I’m slowly getting healthier and losing weight by following a popular nutritional program that has been around for years. They sell some of their products in stores and online, and there are even locations where you can get in person fitness and nutritional coaching. You simply track your calories each day and try to remain within a certain window to ensure that you maintain a caloric deficit instead of a surplus. This particular nutritional program might not work for everyone, but it has been a benefit to me in my weightloss journey. I’m hoping to reach my target weight within the next year.

Personal Fitness Trainer