I’m glad I read about HVAC covers ahead of time

I was trying to find a solution to my dilemma! I live in a charming forest clearing plus my house fits nicely to the surrounding scenery; However, with all of those charming trees, come lots and lots of leaves! Especially with fall, I was having piles upon piles of leaves that went ankle deep, it was insane! While I could do what most people do and rake them up, the leaves were falling at a faster rate than I could rake.

  • It didn’t help that I had recently gotten a new job that has been taking up most of my time, now that I work longer fifths, which further allows the leaves to build up on the ground.

Even though the leaves building up in my yard are a large issue, that’s actually not my biggest problem, my biggest concern is when the leaves fall into the a/c component and sticks and debris, but this causes my HVAC component to task less efficiently, make strange noises plus need to be cleaned out more often. I thought a HVAC cover might do the trick, so I started looking for some online for sale. I saw plenty for my A/C unit, but some of them surprised me! Some of the a/c component covers completely covered the top of the A/C top, which would make me think it would be cutting off air flow. But if it was for sale and for an A/C unit, then it should be ok. But I still couldn’t help but to worry anyways, so I did a bit of studying, and it turns out that not all HVAC covers aren’t good for your cooling machine, and some could cause your A/C component to overheat. Instead, I went with a HVAC cover that was made of mesh, and I didn’t have any issues.

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