I’m glad that the HVAC machine at our church is being upgraded

During the shutdowns from religious gatherings, they have made the choice to completely upgrade the HVAC machine at our church.

  • This is wonderful news for me, because I was always having all kinds of concerns with the temperature control unit plus temperature settings at our church building in previous years.

I am not sure if it’s my awful allergy issues or what, however every time I would go into church on a Sunday, I would start sneezing plus coughing plus I would just feel horrible. I got to the point where I would just take allergy medication before I went into the building, however that made me brutally exhausted. I started to wonder if it had something to do with the heating, cooling, plus ventilation machine at the church because I noticed that my symptoms would easily become worse whenever the oil furnace or the air conditioning machine started running. It was recognizably awful in the summer season last year when the A/C machine was on. At times, I really had to get up plus leave the building whenever the air conditioning machine kicked on plus started running because I thought I was going to start wheezing like crazy! When I talked to my healthcare professional about it, he said that it sounded as if there might be some sort of dust spore or mold in the ventilation ducts at the church that I was incredibly allergic too. When they shut down the building because of the nationwide pandemic scare, I was actually happy to hear that they were going to upgrade the existing HVAC system! Maybe when all of us go back to church, I won’t have any severe respiratory concerns!

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