I’m glad the holidays are over

I am so delighted this holiday rush is finally over! You would think that really working in the heating and A/C corporation that the holidays would be less hectic, then it was quite the reverse, we were super tied up here at the local heating and A/C supplier.

  • It felt like it was never going to let up! It seems all the people and their mothers had their central heat and air conditioning component units breaking down right before Christmas and it needed to be fixed right away.

I worked so much overtime I nearly had no energy to spend time with our own family during the holidays. However, it all worked out because I was granted a week off with pay the following week after the holidays. I took it, I worked extra hard and earned it. I can not tell you all the crazy work I was doing prior. I had installed several heating and A/C units, repaired a dozen more HVAC units and even did 4 complete radiant heated floor installations! That is just the tip of the iceberg. There was so much going on at mega fast speed it is no wonder I did not drop dead! I am just so delighted it is over and that I had our paid week off to spend with our family at the holidays. Now that it is the modern year, things have calmed down and they are back to normal at the heating and A/C supplier that I work for. I absolutely hope it stays this way for a little while!

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