I'm glad we can afford this

My husband and I made bold the choice to transport into a tiny house.

We love to travel around the country, and both of us can pull our tiny apartment just about any place both of us want to go. Many people asked us intensely why both of us did not just get and RV or second wheel, and I can tell you the reason both of us did not get 1 of those was because at the time they were entirely more luxurious than our tiny apartment was to purchase. My husband ended up building our apartment entirely by himself, and he did a really great job. We modeled our tiny apartment after 1 of the tiny houses that both of us had looked at online, and both of us ended up building it for about a third or less of the cost that both of us would have paid if you would have explicitly purchased it prebuilt. My husband is an excellent carpenter and handyman, so he added many little details to make our apartment unique and comfortable, and I really love it. The best area about our tiny apartment is how totally luxurious it is to heat and cool it with little money. We use just 1 little window AC component everyday while in the Summer months, and it keeps our entire apartment cool and extremely fresh. I even find myself while in off the tiny air conditioning sometimes because it makes the apartment too Breezy and freezing for my liking. We have a tiny oil furnace that I know was originally supposed to go in a camper, but my husband made it task for our extremely tiny house. I just love our new life of traveling in our tiny home. We will do it for the rest of our lives.


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