I’m having a new HVAC unit installed while we are shut down

My family and I own a small Italian restaurant on the end of the pier.

We have been open for 30 years and we only closed on Christmas Day.

We have closed down for one other reason, and that was a rare winter storm that dumped three feet of snow on our sleepy harbor village. Now our Italian restaurant has been closed for three months due to the covid-19 outbreak. We haven’t been able to serve anyone inside of the building in a long time, but we’re using the chance to upgrade all of our HVAC equipment. Since we rarely close, we haven’t been able to make the necessary upgrades to our failing HVAC equipment. Since the business is closed and only accepting takeout orders, now is a great time to make those important upgrades. My sister and I co-own the business together. We called several different HVAC companies to find someone that was open, working, and practicing good hygiene and social distancing habits. I required every person working on the HVAC equipment to wear gloves and a mask. We honestly called a few places that laughed or downright refused to submit to our request. When we found the right HVAC contractor, we got an estimate and now we are getting ready to make those upgrades. We will completely close the kitchen for 3 days while all of the ventilation equipment is replaced. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and it’s going to be a very expensive job. Hopefully our customers will be happy with all the new indoor air equipment.


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