I’m Leaning About The Dial Thermostat

I was aware of the old HVAC system when I moved into my house.

When the inspection was done before closing, I discovered that the air conditioner was 17 years old and the furnace was 15 years old.

Before making arrangements to upgrade the HVAC system, I decided to move everything into the house so I could see what I was working with. I knew the HVAC system was old, but in my mind, older equipment was usually built stronger and able to last longer. Before unpacking my boxes, I decided to turn the air conditioner on so I could see how well it ran. When I went to find the thermostat, I was shocked to see an old dial thermostat instead of a programmable one. I knew the HVAC system was old, but I wasn’t expecting such an old thermostat! I didn’t know the first thing about changing the temperature on a dial thermostat. I had to squint really tightly in order to get a good look at the settings because everything was so tiny. There were two sets of numbers, one on the top and one on the bottom. When I grabbed the side of the thermostat to change the temperature, only the top dial moved. I was assuming that this was the temperature the thermostat was set to, and the bottom set of numbers were the temperature the house was actually at. Instantly after moving the dial, I heard the air conditioner kick on. As far as I can tell, the air conditioner works fine. I guess I’ll really be able to tell when I get my first utility bill.

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