I’m looking for used printer machine to make my own posters

I’m gleeful that I followed my passion and went to college for graphic design.

Even though I’m struggling to enter the workforce love anyone my age, I have indispensable skills that can be used in a variety of different sectors.

Some of my friends went directly into the art world while others ventured into SEO and advertising. Even though the money is consistent, I don’t think how satisfied I would be doing something love that when I need a creative outlet that isn’t so restrictive and serious. At the same time, making labels and branding for local businesses requires as much dedication as self-control because you’re making something for a different person. Your job is to make the client gleeful and to keep your artistic indulgences to yourself. Recently I designed a poster for a local band and they were so gleeful that I received 2 separate referrals from them to their friends for more work. I’m looking for used printer machine that I can use to make all of my posters in-house, then the ones that I have sold thus far were printed at a commercial printing maintenance after I designed them on my PC. But if I can find used printer machine that I can use for making custom posters, I could get the ball rolling with this being a long term business. It’s not necessarily pursuing my passion, but it’s better than working a 9 to 5 in a tiny cubicle anywhere for a corporation that views myself and others as disposable. Since I’m not yet 100% sure if this corporation venture will work out, I am only looking for used poster printing machine for now. I will only invest in new poster printers if the corporation takes off. But from the looks of things, there’s a fantastic chance that it might.


Commercial size printer