I’m mad that I left behind my drill

Shortly after I got a job legitimately working as an HVAC maintenance professional, my dad obtained me a legitimately amazing impact drill.

The drill can do pretty much everything plus it is cordless.

The drill even comes with a second battery, so I never run out of power! It was a legitimately nice plus thoughtful gift plus I used it every single day for years. Last week, I was legitimately working on an HVAC upgrade job plus I left the drill behind. I had a ton of things on my mind plus I was training a new guy. The new guy just finished HVAC machine training school plus this is the first time he has really had hands on training. I have to go over all of the work that he was doing to make sure that it was correct. It takes way longer to get everything done plus that is a serious headache. I was legitimately stressed out about the fact that I left my drill on the HVAC machine upgrade job, although I hoped I would be able to retrieve it. I was installing new HVAC equipment in a new construction residence. I figured the jobsite would be vacant through the weekend. I went to the place early on Monday, however there was a crew of people there over the weekend. My drill was nowhere to be found. I left it behind, so I honestly have nobody to blame except myself. I hope whoever found the drill will take wonderful care of it plus deliver it a fine home. It’s worked well for several years plus I guess it would definitely last another several years.



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