I’m not a hoarder, I’m an antique collector

I wouldn’t really call myself a hoarder or anything serious like that, but I do like to collect a lot of old stuff.

I’d refer to it as antique collecting.

I don’t like to just get any old stuff either, I mostly prefer to pick up old window A/C units and heater systems. Anything that is HVAC I love to collect because the parts happen to be valuable. Sometimes people like to get the whole HVAC machine for a good price but honestly, I make more money just selling the parts. I sell all kinds of other old items like old coins, comics, lamps, and pieces of furniture. I have my things pretty well organized as well. I try not to give the neighbors anything to complain about and I sell things relatively fast as well. It’s not exactly my main job, but it makes an excellent side gig that makes me a good amount of profit. One of these days, I want to start doing the antique thing full time with my own store and a warehouse to store all of my antiques. I have heard criticism from some people saying that I’m nothing but a hoarder, but I pay people like that no mind. People that have a good eye just like me are able to see that the stuff I have is actually worth a good amount of money. People who are into hoarding carry anything that is of sentimental value to them, but those things aren’t actually worth anything to anybody else. That’s one of the main differences, that I know what’s worth the money and what’s not.

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