I’m not sure how I came to be

A few years ago I started an internship in town working at an Heating and A/C repair business; At the time I was a seventeen year outdated kid that didn’t guess the first thing about repairing anything, let alone repairing broken down Heating and A/C units; This was the only paid internship that I was able to find in our section at the time though so I decided to give it a shot and see where it would lead me! My first few days working there were aggravating, physically demanding, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to work here for much longer without getting fired.

After only more than one or numerous months of our internship our skill and expertise of Heating and A/C repair started to grow tremendously and it wasn’t long before I was being sent out on repair calls on our own or with another repair tech! I wasn’t the only person who was surprised at our success working as an Heating and A/C repair tech but, however even our boss was caught off guard by our progress and even told myself and others later that he didn’t guess that I would be able to last more than more than one or numerous weeks.

Along with our skill growing each day I have started to become more passionate about Heating and A/C repair, and the brotherhood that every one of us have at this business is a single that I want to be a section of for years to come. As a broke neighborhood kid I wouldn’t have imagined I would like working hard all day as an Heating and A/C repair tech, however life always has ways of surprising us!


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