I’m not sure that spooky people need a gas furnace

One day a few years ago, I got assigned a gas furnace maintenance call at this large ancient cabin on the outskirts of town… The locale always looked a little bit creepy to me, and I didn’t absolutely want to go there by myself.

The other HVAC company who usually accompanies on tasks prefer that was out sick, though, but and so I ended up having to drive our HVAC truck out there all by myself; I’m a pretty large guy, and I can take care of myself, but occasionally I still get the feeling that something isn’t right.

This was a single of those times! When this creepy ancient lady opened the door for myself and others and told myself and others that the gas furnace was down in the cellar, I got chills up and down our spine, and when she pointed the way to the gas furnace room in the basement, all of our instincts told myself and others to run back to the truck. But I went down the stairs and into the gas furnace room. It was dark and dusty down there, and she was absolutely having some problems with her heating idea because there was a large spider’s nest built in the gas furnace! As I was working, I kept a single eye on the stairs to make sure she wasn’t doing anything creepy. At a single point, I had to crawl back behind the HVAC unit to adjust something and when I crawled back out, she was sitting there right in front of me! I just about jumped out of our skin! But she was just asking if I wanted a glass of iced tea. I don’t guess how that creepy little ancient lady snuck all the way down to the gas furnace room without myself and others hearing her. I’m pretty sure that she’s a witch.

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