I’m ready for summer

I recently read an article about a man who had a five year old yellow lab.  He was petrified of walking down the hallway. It seemed, the closer he got to the air vent, where he could hear the air conditioner, the more he would shake and refuse to go further.  Once in a while, the dog would wait for him to walk first, and the he would run past the air vent. He didn’t know if it was just the feel of the air coming from the air vent, or a genuine fear.  He finally decided to seek professional care for his dog. The veterinarian told him that many animal develop fears over their lifetime. Usually, it isn’t the air conditioning, or even the draft that they fear, but the noise.  The sounds of children screaming, fire trucks, or even just a teapot whistling can send them into bouts of shivering and cowering. I had to laugh when the doctor told him to train the dog. He said to record the sound of the air conditioning and to play it every day.  At first, he was to make the sound, very quiet. He didn’t want the dog to go into crazy shaking. Then every day, he was turn up the sound, just a bit, until the sound of the air conditioning was like when the AC was running. I don’t know if it worked or not, because that is all the article talked about. It would be nice to know, because then I could try it on my cat.  He attacks the air vent when the air begins to blow.

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