I’m scared for the future amongst all of the rampant chaos

Few things are certain and stable in the current geopolitical climate.

The economy looked like it was in a steady rise with unemployment rates decreasing to almost record lows.

The stock market was thriving and the interest rates on buying homes was creating what is called a ‘buyer’s market.’ For the average consumer, things appeared to be going in the right direction. But, there’s this idea of ‘black swan incidents,’ or completely unpredictable world-cataclysmic events that seem almost obvious with hindsight. The attack on the world trades center was another example, as well as the invention of the internet if you want to consider an example of a positive black swan incident. But this virus issue is no joke. People are dying from this condition on an hourly basis, with the number of infected people rising on a daily basis. We haven’t even reached peak infection levels yet and hospitals are already overwhelmed in every conceivable way. They’re having to use special air purification systems that have UV lights installed inside. They can disinfect surfaces with bleach, alcohol, or peroxide based cleaners, but they still have to deal with the viral microbes that go airborne every time an infected patient exhales. The air conditioning in those ICU wards has to be isolated so it does not spread to other areas of the hospital. People who are home and trying to ride out the virus are finding it extremely hard to breathe without the assistance of a humidifier. The humidifier helps break up the sinus and chest congestion, even if just temporarily. It’s a rough situation for every person alive on this planet today, but health care workers have it the worst—I have no doubt in my mind about that.


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