I’m so glad that I remember to change the air filter

I was so eager to get back home. My spouse and I just got done visiting my in-laws up north, and I was so eager to get that trip done to begin with. Now that the two of us were close to home, I couldn’t wait. Finally I arrived back home, but the two of us both still had things to do, so no great just yet. While my spouse Pat prepared lunch, I made myself tied up by working on our car. It has been experiencing a few minor complications, and I am determined to find the cause. After I ate lunch with Pat, I went to go and take a nap and just as I was kneeling down, I remembered something: I needed to change the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C filter! For some reason, I can almost never remember when I need to change out the air conditioning system filter. I don’t suppose why, because it’s not as if increasing the air conditioning system filter is a difficult task or anything, but yet it usually evades my grasp. I got up and took care of my calendar and I was right, this month was the exact day that the filters needed to be changed. I changed out the HEPA filter with no problem, and finally laid down. I was quite pleased with myself, because usually I end up forgetting and I am sure that does some injury to our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment, but not this time, this time I remembered and got it changed on time, as it should be. I already wrote down the next date for the next filter changes so I’ll hopefully remember for next time.


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