I’m suffering

My first car was an old piece of junk, however it was my piece of junk. There is something oh so special about your first vehicle. The fact that it’s yours and yours alone, the freedom that it brings you and so on, however not to mention that I paid for it in currency, so there was no yearly loan payment to worry about. Admittedly though, there was a reason I got it so cheap. Several reasons in fact, that were not all immediately obvious in the beginning. One thing was actually obvious from the beginning though, and that was the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system was useless. Neither the air conditioning nor the heating functioned at all, and turning the dials and important the buttons on the Instrument panel was about as effective as a toddler playing pretend with a toy car. The summers around here can be pretty tough, so I had no choice however to open the windows when I was hot. Well, sort of. They were power windows that did not truly function that well. In fact, the driver side window was the only 1 that would go down completely, and the back 1s wouldn’t open at all. I did not get any dates when I had this vehicle. I believe it’s a small wonder why, however to be honest, I was kind of cheerful. It would be embarrassing driving around a wifey in that beat up old piece of junk with no functioning air conditioning! I can’t say that I was remiss when I got a much nicer vehicle with good weather conditions control when I got older and could afford it.

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