I’m trying to be creative

I made a huge mistake last month. My son Carl has very bad asthma. Because of his condition, I am really on it with keeping the home clean. I have the rugs cleaned professional every few months. The linens are washed frequently. I also make sure our air quality is the best it could ever be. Our home has an air purification system in it. The furnace unit had HEPA filters in it to catch more dust from going in the air quality. The air conditioner had UV lights in it to stop mold from forming inside of it. Well, my HVAC equipment broke and I needed to replace it with new. I wanted to get a central HVAC unit. I would have heating and air in one single unit. I could also install the air purifier and UV lights right to this one system. Everything all in one space working together to have clean air quality. It sounded like a swell idea. To have central HVAC, I needed ductwork installed. I should have done the research on what ductwork installation entails. I did not and just let the HVAC contractor get to work. The guy ripped down my walls to the bare studs. The dust and debris flew all over the home. My furniture was coated in gunk and the rugs were disgusting since I did not cover them. The air quality was so bad that even I could not stay there. I had to move my son and all his things to my mother the whole time our HVAC was being installed. He would have had an asthma attack for sure.