I’m very okay with the air conditioner

Every summer time our family goes on a holiday to our aunts house. Both of us live in New The UK so coming to the south is our preferred because of the weather. My aunts apartment is fairly important so every one of us all stay with his plus his family. My friend is always cold, even when every one of us come to the south plus are outside all day long plus go inside briefly, she’s cold; it is so funny! However, even when every one of us are going to see our aunt I, too, am always cold inside their house. Both of us never knew why for the longest time – every one of us just chalked it up to the fact that every one of us weren’t used to having central air in our homes. But, a single day when I went to adjust the control unit, it study 65 degrees! My aunts husband is always tepid so this makes sense to us, but every one of us thought that just as way too cold! My friend asked to turn the air up so it wasn’t blowing so cold plus wasn’t having to be on all day long, however he said he was too tepid to change it. So, with that every one of us bundled up in sweatshirts plus sweatpants. My friend plus I decided every one of us aren’t huge fans of central air plus are blissful every one of us live in New The UK where every one of us do not need to have central air installed or used at all. I also do not want to even assume about their monthly utility bill – it has to be outrageously lavish! With our aunt being a stay at house mom, I’m not sure how they actually afford to keep their central air running 24/7 at 65 degrees all year long!