Improving the air quality in the communal workspace

We can agree that the pandemic changes each of our lives, whether directly or indirectly.

Most of us changed the way we work and the concept of working from home became very popular.

For me working from home came with its advantages and many disadvantages. I live with my entire family and it can get very noisy in the house thus limiting concentration. Also, my nieces and nephews do not understand privacy and will come into my room anytime. I had to remember to always lock my door especially when I was in Zoom meetings because my baby nieces and nephews would casually walk into my room sometimes half-dressed or wearing something weird they picked up in the house. After the pandemic eased up and people started returning to the office, I thought of reopening the communal workspace that I own. It needed a few touches before opening for business. I got the air conditioning technician from the indoor comfort business to share his two cents on improving and maintaining air quality within the space. The specialist took me through what the cooling industry entails as well as the various quality air conditioners from the local air conditioning provider. The professionals recommended the multi-split air conditioning system. The following day, the air conditioning company sent over their highly qualified a/c serviceman to handle the HVAC installation, a process that took a couple of hours. Later after they were done fitting the new system, the professionals took me through the important HVAC maintenance and emphasized immediate handling of air conditioning repair when an issue arises. The guideline helped me understand the system further, I felt as if I knew a little more about air conditioning than most laypeople. As for the regulator, I opted for a programmable thermostat.

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