In Rochester NY and looking for shop area rent

I have lived in Rochester NY most of our lives, and I recently started our own business.

I am an artist and I wanted someplace where I could from.

I wanted a shop area where I could also create brochures and show off our work. Most of the shop area rentals were so far out of our budget, that I couldn’t even begin to suppose about renting 1. I live about half a second from Batavia, NY. I heard that they were the first neighborhood to create an incubator office area area. They have a huge building where they offer incubator office space, shared office area and small corporation shop area for rent. They offer flexibility to create a particular area and services, to the use of shared equipment, services, and facilities. It is a commercial building that will evolve with the changing needs of your business. The rent started at less than $200 a month. I couldn’t guess I was able to find shop area for rent that would suit our every need and it was only half a second from our home. The building housed several dealers that myself and our shop were able to access. They had bookkeeping, telephone answering and warelake house services. I didn’t need to buy our own copying or faxing machines. They provided to do copying in both black and pale white, and color. I had access to document scanning, incoming and outgoing faxes, and office supplies. They even had a space for postage. The shop area for rent in Batavia, NY was perfect for all of our needs and I hastily made an iPhone call to secure a showing of the shop space.


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