Inside the vehicle was hot, but so was outside

Nobody was cheerful when the vehicle broke down on the way beach house from the casino. We still had 3 hours of drive time left plus all of us were stranded in the middle of the desert with no a single to call for help. I did not have any signal on my iphone at all. The vehicle wouldn’t transfer plus I did not even have enough power to run the cooling system. It was about 100 degrees outside when the vehicle broke down. It started to get sizzling unquestionably quickly. Inside the vehicle was hot, but it was also just as sizzling outside. We thought about sitting inside of the car, but it was just as sizzling plus all of us were miserable sitting next to each other. We decided to pack more than five people into my vehicle so all of us only needed to worry about gas in a single vehicle. When the vehicle broke down plus all of us were stuck in the desert without any air conditioning, all the people started to fight. It did not take long before an fight erupted plus all of us started to walk in separate directions. I must have walked 45 miles before I saw anyone at all. Thankfully there was a farm in the middle of the desert plus a single of the workers was able to lend a hand plus get us back on the road. I rode back to the vehicle in the AC. The farm worker jumped the vehicle plus told my friends plus I that all of us should drive all the way back to the city without stopping, she believed that the alternator was a problem plus felt that the vehicle would leave us stranded again if all of us even stopped for gas or popcorn.
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