Inspecting our cooling device

Sometime you see the most weird twists of fate in our lives, such as the former student becomes the educator. It could also be a situation where a repairman is called for fixing an appliance, only for the repairman to actually break it instead of fixing it! This happened to me just last weekend, as I called the local heating, ventilation and air conditioner company to come inspect my outdoor a/c unit, however the condenser component had been making this light but loud grinding sound for days, as well as I wanted a professional to come check out the equipment as well as see if I had something to worry about; When the professional finally arrived, he walked over to the outdoor a/c component as well as instructed me to cut off power to the unit, then after about an hour of him tinkering with the outdoor unit, he had me return power to the device, then despite being inside as well as about 50 feet away from the condenser unit, I could hear the unit’s grinding sound at a much higher decibel than before as soon as I flipped the switch! Now the component was so loud, I could barely hear the HVAC professional as he told me this repair was “beyond his fixing”. Imagine saying that to a customer, knowing that you’ve just caused their outdoor air conditioner component to fall into a further state of issues! I felt sorry for my friends, who were supposed to come over that night as well as enjoy a fantastic card game with me. Instead of focusing on the game, I knew they would all be too distracted by the poor loud noise outside. I can’t wait until the other HVAC service company comes, as well as hopefully they don’t have the same moron working for them!

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