Installing a whole home air purification system was easy

When I thought about whole home air purification systems, I was convinced that these types of systems were something that only the rich were fortunate enough to own. For the most part, this was correct because of how much money it cost to purchase and install a whole home air purification system. A whole home air purification system is installed alongside your thermostat and allows you to control the temperatures and indoor air in your house much like you would control the temperature. They’re a great way to improve your indoor air quality if all else fails. I also have terrible indoor air quality and while the HEPA filter and the couple of standing air purifiers that I have helped, they just are not enough for my old dusty house. I clean my home nearly every single day and even with that, while it helps, it is not enough to entirely improve my indoor air quality. Getting a whole home air purification system had been something I had dreamed about for a long time but never really thought possible. That was until our local heating and AC business had a sale on all their heating and cooling systems. I was not planning on going there originally but my husband convinced me to take a walk and so I had it down to the HVAC corporation that day. I was shocked when I got there to see that they had whole home air purification systems on sale for 50% off! I called my husband and we talked about it at length and decided it was the right choice for us. Finally we could afford what we had always wanted. We purchased the system and then paid the fee to have it installed. It has been 2 weeks since the HVAC technician has installed our new whole home air purification system, and already indoor air quality is better than ever!

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