Installing the right air conditioner

I recently bought a home with a fairly reliable air conditioning system. The only problem I have had is finding the right thermostat for my home and comfort level. I want to find the right one that controls temperature, ventilation, and humidity. No one living in the south wants to live in a home where the comfort level is low and having the wrong thermostat creates just that environment. There are several varieties of thermostats for homes, it is just deciding which will work best for me. There are smart thermostats, programmable thermostats, mechanical, non-programmable digital, and electronic. So many choices and options available the decision can be daunting. I contacted my local air conditioning provider to explain the differences in each of these thermostats. The HVAC technician explained the first thermostat….the smart thermostat. This particular thermostat basically learns about you….your habits, schedules, and other things to keep you most comfortable when you are home and keeps the a/c running smoothly when you are away. The next thermostat is a programmable one. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to kick on and off at preset times. It allows you to conserve energy and maximize usage in your home. Some programmable thermostats even work using wifi and your smartphone allowing you to turn the ac down when heading home from work or if you forget to turn it off you can do that with a touch of the app on your phone. The next type is the mechanical thermostat. These are the cheapest and easiest thermostat out there. Finally, there are non programmable digital thermostats while can be controlled using a display.