Insulating the attic to trim heating and cooling costs

I recently read an article that recommended inspecting the level of insulation in the attic every year.

This article talked about the importance of the attic in creating a barrier between the home and outside elements.

A properly insulated attic lessens temperature fluctuation within the home and reduces the workload of the heating and cooling system. When the furnace and air conditioner doesn’t need to run as long to maintain ideal temperature, the systems can be expected to last longer and succumb to fewer repairs. Plus, there’s the benefit of lower monthly energy bills and superior comfort. I headed up to the attic, checked out the insulation and realized there were problems. The insulation was leftover from the former owners of the house, and we’d already lived there twelve years. Obviously the insulation had become compacted, damaged by moisture and contaminated by rodents over the years. I knew that it needed to be replaced. This seemed like a job my husband and I could handle ourselves. We spent an entire weekend crawling around in the attic. It was at least 90 degrees up there, and the air was very stale and dusty. To protect ourselves from the insulation batting, we needed to wear long sleeves, long pants and gloves. The sweat dripped off of us. Despite wearing dust masks, we both continually sneezed. My husband and I agreed that we will never do that job again. The next time the insulation needs to be upgraded, we’ll hire a local HVAC contractor to take care of it. At least we are happy with the results. Since installing new attic insulation, I’ve noticed lower heating and cooling costs.


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