Insulation is helping all around

I’m definitely not the type of person who is extremely handy.

When it comes to home owning problems, I prefer that a professional serviceman comes to my property and takes care of all of the issues I cannot tackle myself.

I am overwhelmed even considering all of the household responsibilities that I have ignored up until this point. For the longest time, I have known that my house was not extremely energy-efficient, for example. I have desperately wanted to upgrade my energy efficiency through appliance upgrades and infrastructure renovations… But I don’t even know where to begin. Not only is it very expensive to purchase new heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment… But it makes no sense to invest in high powered air quality control devices if your house is incapable of retaining the high-quality treated indoor air. I have no idea how to make any of these insulative improvements, so I have neglected the energy efficiency conundrum that I experience at home. That is, until my neighbor offered to come and help me install new insulation. He kindly assisted in adding insulation to my attic as well as new sealant around all of my doors and windows. My neighbor insisted on using his temperature gun to make sure that there was no warm air escaping through the various nooks and crannies around my house. As a result, the house feels much more comfortable. I don’t have uncomfortable hot and cold patches in every room or ice cold drafts to deal with. Furthermore, my energy bill has drastically decreased. At this point, I might not need an energy-efficient HVAC system… I have an energy-efficient house.