Is a heat pump based with boiling water

I just found the most interesting thing that I never even knew existed, have you ever heard of a heat pump based boiling water heater? I suppose I hadn’t, until I came across it on some website through the internet, but i was reading all kinds of weird reviews plus opinions on this heat pump based boiling water heater, the distraught thing is, most of the reviews I did read were mostly saying that a heat pump based boiling water furnace is not worth the currency.

It was mentioned in 1 review that having a heat pump boiling water furnace entirely saves you no currency love a heat pump would for general heating.

As a matter of fact, it costs a bit more to run a water furnace with a heat pump, but so what was the reason of them even creating a heat pump that went with a boiling water heater? That is 1 piece of information I have not been able to find as of yet. I suppose I have a regular boiling water furnace in my house, plus it’s always done me just fine, however most people have regular electric heating that takes care of their boiling water heater. I suppose it all makes sense why I never heard of this heat pump version before, however probably because hardly anyone has 1 love that! I seriously doubt that the heat pump version of a boiling water furnace is going to ever take off on the Heating and Air Conditioning market. Heat pumps are entirely great for heating your home, which I can verify because I own a heat pump.


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