Is having window air conditioner units better for your energy bill?

If you live in a condo with central air conditioning, have you ever considered installing window A/C units instead? I know that most window air conditioners are large and heavy, they are not always aesthetically pleasing, and they can block the view from the window.

  • But unlike an HVAC system, they are relatively cheap ranging in price from about $150 to upwards of $600 compared to the whopping $7,000 average cost of an HVAC unit.

I believe the window A/C is a steal. I understand that central air would provide better air filtration and air circulation and they provide better climate control for the entire house. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or perhaps a tiny home which has become more popular, chances are there aren’t too many people living with you, especially if you’re living the single life. Therefore, there would be no need to have climate control throughout the entire space, you can easily turn on the air conditioner for the room that you are currently in. And most importantly, window A/Cs are cheaper to operate than a central air conditioning unit. They require one third less energy to operate than an HVAC system. Therefore, not only will you save money on your energy bill, but you will also avoid expensive HVAC maintenance costs, and we all know that those costs can accumulate over the years as your unit gets older. If you live in a larger home that requires climate control, then yes, the HVAC system would be more beneficial to fulfill your air conditioning and heating needs. However, consider investing in a window unit, just in case you experience that one day in the middle of a hot Summer when your HVAC system malfunctions, and you can’t get an appointment with a service technician for 24 hours. That window A/C would probably save the day.

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