Is it worth paying a monthly fee to cover maintenance costs?

A few years ago, my cousin Malorie and her 3-month-old baby went to visit our Uncle Ron for the holidays. While they were there, the temperature plummeted below zero for a few days in a row, which meant that his electric furnace was being used more than normal. He increased the thermostat because he wanted to guarantee that the baby stayed nice and warm. After 2 days of blistering cold weather, they noticed that the house was not as warm as it was before. Upon further inspection, Uncle Ron discovered that his furnace was no longer heating the house. He did not panic because he pays a monthly fee that would cover maintenance on his furnace during emergencies. And with the temperature hitting below zero and no heat in the house, that situation was certainly an emergency. Uncle Ron, who is older and not quite handy, immediately called his furnace maintenance provider to schedule an appointment, but to his surprise, they were unable to send a service technician until the following day. Well, with a new baby in his house, Uncle Ron was concerned and grew quite upset because he was convinced that his monthly fee would guarantee same-day service whenever he required it. Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather, there was a shortage of technicians for the amount of calls the furnace company had. So, Uncle Ron did the next best thing and called another company who was able to come the same day. Unfortunately, the cost was substantial, but they were able to get the furnace up and running. Because of this experience, Uncle Ron has questioned if it is worth paying for furnace maintenance if the provider can’t guarantee him same-day service. What do you think?

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